Star of the Month>( 9) Winners of Star of the Month

Class Student Name Category
F.1A CHEUNG TIN YAN Willing to serve
F.1A MO YUEN TING Learn seriously
F.1A GAO BAIWEN Learn seriously
F.1A LUK KIN CHUNG Learn seriously
F.1B CHAN YIN SHAN Willing to serve
F.1B CHU YU LAN Being attentive in class
F.1B LEE KA MAN Learn seriously
F.1B 謝怡 Willing to serve
F.1D KWOK CHING YI Learn seriously
F.1D LAU SHUK CHING Learn seriously
F.1D MAK PUI SHAN Learn seriously
F.1D LING CHIN PANG Learn seriously
F.1E WONG KA YAN Learn seriously
F.1E 胡瀅 Willing to serve
F.1E WONG KING LEUNG Learn seriously
F.1E WONG KWAI SANG Learn seriously
F.2A HO SZE KI Learn seriously
F.2A LAM HEUNG KUEN TRODY Learn seriously
F.2A CHAU YU TIN Willing to serve
F.2A POON SZE YU Learn seriously
F.2E WONG PUI SHAN Active participation in class activities
F.2E CHAN LOK YIU Willing to serve
F.2E CHAN WAN MAN Willing to serve
F.2E TAM PO YI Willing to serve
F.3A CHAN CHI HO Active participation in class activities
F.3A CHEN SHI JIE Being attentive in class
F.3A NG MAN PAN Being attentive in class
F.3A LOA YING YING CHERRY Being attentive in class
F.3B CHAN YING CHING Good leadership in inter-class competitions
F.3B CHENG KA MAN Willing to serve
F.3D CHAU KING MAN Willing to serve
F.3D CHOY CHIU YIN Willing to serve
F.3D TSUI YAT HANG Willing to serve
F.3D MA SHIFEN Being attentive in class
F.4A YEUNG WING SZE Willing to serve
F.4A CHAN SZE WAI Active participation in class activities
F.4A CHOW KIN WA Learn seriously
F.4A ZHANG RIXING Coursework of high quality
F.4B TANG HOI YAN Willing to serve
F.4B WONG KWAI YUEN Learn seriously
F.4B TSANG KA YU Coursework of high quality
F.4B CHAN LIN YU Active participation in class activities
F.4C CHAN WAI KI Willing to serve
F.4C CHAN MEI LING Willing to serve
F.4D WU TSZ CHING Willing to serve
F.4D CHAN SIU PO Willing to serve
F.4D FU KIN LUN Willing to serve
F.4D WONG MAN CHEUK Willing to serve
F.5A CHAN HEUNG YI Learn seriously
F.5A LAM MEI FA Being attentive in class
F.5A NG KA MAN Willing to serve
F.5A NG WA YING Willing to serve
F.5B PANG WAI YU Learn seriously
F.5B LAM CHING YI Learn seriously
F.5B WONG SHUN KI Willing to serve
F.5C WU HIU TONG Being attentive in class
F.5C CHUNG WO MEI Willing to serve
F.5C YIP KA PO Learn seriously
F.5C CHENG KAM KONG Being attentive in class
F.5D LAM WAI CHING Learn seriously
F.5D LAW SHUK YU Learn seriously
F.5D LUI KA MAN Learn seriously
F.5D KWAN SUET KI Learn seriously
L.6A WONG CHI WA Willing to serve
U.7A 張? 婷 Willing to serve
U.7A YIU SHAN SHAN Learn seriously
U.7A 張紀宗 Willing to serve
U.7S 郭永平 Learn seriously
U.7S 鄺啟俊 Learn seriously