Student Support Team (SST)
All students have individual needs. Disability is only one of the many sources of individual needs in contemporary classrooms.  To cater students with special educational needs (SEN), the Whole School approach is implemented in our school.  Through adopting the Whole School Approach, appropriate support to students with diverse needs can be provided in a more comprehensive manner and the effectiveness of education is enhanced as a whole.  Student Support Team (SST) adopts a 3-tier support model to integrated education which includes the followings:

Identification and interventions
SST arranges assessments for students suspected or identified to have special learning difficulties.  Except continuing professional development for quality teaching in the classroom and early intervention of learning difficulties, we formulate and organize intensive remedial teaching and learning programmes, with the assistance of Educational Psychologists (EPs), Speech Therapists (STs) or other related professions to the students assessed to have persistent learning difficulties.  In addition, an “Individual Education Plan” is implemented for the target students are those assessed to be in need of intensive individualized support, after thorough discussion with parents and professionals. 

Development of Generic skills
Our team puts emphasis on cultivating generic skills by promoting all-rounded learning in co-curricular activities and student growth development, from which students can adopt skills and knowledge of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, information technology, and self-discipline.

Special Examination Arrangements
SEN students may not be able to demonstrate the knowledge or skills they have mastered as other students do in examinations. Under these circumstances, our team provides special examination arrangements to ensure that they are equitably assessed.

Teacher Professional Development
To enhance the effectiveness of student support, teachers with SEN qualifications are required. SST encourages teachers to receive specific training geared towards the particular SEN of students in school, resulting in the enhancement of professional capacity of our team.

We are eager to broaden students’ learning experience and promote mutual respect of individual differences among teachers and students.  Hoping that students can develop multiple intelligence and potentials, recognize their strengths and capabilities in different areas, and build up a positive self-image under an inclusive school culture.