There are totally seven members in our career guidance team, including team head and six teacher members. Our career head is responsible for overall planning for the whole-year programs. Each teacher member is specialized in handling and organizing different programmes for students of different forms.

This year, with the implementation of the career and life education planning, we have enriched the content and expanded the scope of existing career-related services and activities by adopting the whole-school approach. Apart from the fixed programmes that are carried out every year, more life-planning-related activities were organized, such as life-planning talks, school and site visits, and mentorship scheme. Tailor-made materials were designed and created F.1 to F.5 students to be used in class teacher periods. Topics are related to self-knowledge and understanding their interested are taught for students to reflect on their future plans and to short-term goals. The focus is put on senior forms and we hope to further expand them to junior forms in the coming cohort.

Besides, our school is one of the cohort school of Career and Life Adventure Planning Project (CLAP) for Youths, which is jointly organized by Hong Kong Jockey Club, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. Through joining CLAP, we have organized and arranged a series of career and life planning education programmes and activities in order to cater different needs of our students.