Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - The Three Little Boys  

Law Ka Yui, Karen (F.1D)

Brian has already stopped coming to school for a week. No one knew what happened to Brian so his classmates started to worry about him. Suddenly, Brian came back with his left leg in a plaster and a pair of crutches. Everyone was shocked and wondered how Brian hurt his leg. Yet, Brian didn't say a word about his unfortunate accident.

It was hard for Brian to carry his school bag and his pair of crutches. He would either drop his books or lose his balance while getting ready for the next class. However, Brian was too shy to ask for help. A group of boys noticed how Brian struggled with carrying his things so they decided they should give him a hand. David, Gary and Gordon walked up to Brian and kindly offered him help. He felt surprised that his classmates helped him because he hardly knew them.

David would help him carry his schoolbag and books. Gary would take care of his crutches. Gordon would hold his arm while he was walking. The three boys worked as a team to help their classmate in need. Although these tasks were tedious, they still continued to help him.

For three weeks, the three boys sacrificed their own time during recess, lunch and after-school to look after Brian. He was grateful for their help and inspired by their actions. It made him realize that he should become a selfless person like them.
Brian's leg finally got better. He didn't need his plaster or his crutches anymore. He was thankful for everything David, Gary and Gordon did. He has learned from the three boys that it is important to show empathy and support. Now, he will take initiative to offer help to others. Most importantly, he will cherish the friendship between him and his three new friends.