Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - No Ordinary Love  

Tang Sin Ling, Geri (F.2C)

In this colorful world, someone opens an umbrella for a stranger; someone pulls funny faces when you are sad. To me, the most touching is the love and care my parents give me.

When a baby is born and starts crying, the parents bear the responsibility of taking care of it. They have no reasons, do not ask for anything in return, and make effort silently. Some people say that parental love is unconditional. It is by nature that they love their children whole-heartedly. But I do not think this is something we should take for granted. We do need to appreciate their love for us.

I still remember that piercing cold winter when I had a fever. My parents were helping me wrap my clothes when they asked me whether I felt fine. Then they took me to the hospital on their motorcycle. On the way, my father warded the wind and the rain and blazed way through all manners of obstacles for me like a huge rock. And my mother helped me keep warm. This reminds me of many nights like this night. I was sick and my father and mother brought me to the hospital. I remember particularly how strong my father's back was, how he took good care of me, the kind of strong back that can really protect me from the heavy rain and storm, like the eaves of the harbour of the refuge. It seems like he can help you throw all the danger out of the door. So my father makes me feel very safe and relaxed. I could never forget the warmth I got from my mother, so warm that I felt sunshine in my heart. Finally, we got to the hospital, my parents started looking for doctors and nurses. And they were in such a panic. While I was put on a drip, they kept passing water to me. They felt a sense of relief when my fever was gone, but the water they urged me to drink was non-stop.

Parents never care about personal gains or loss from kids. When you are grieving, they console you, and give guidance to you. And when you are lonely, they keep your company, and comfort you. There is a door open for you twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-four days in a year. It is called 'the harbour of refuge.' They make effort and spend time with you. They work hard to give you a good standard of living and a better learning environment. You may not imagine how much they have given you. Just think of everything around you provided by them or how you would become without them, and who would make such hard effort for you in this world except for your parents.

The ancients said, ‘Father's love is higher than mountains, Mother's love is deeper than the sea.’ They are the best people out of all the good people and the deeds they do for their children are beyond words can tell.