Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - No More Fur!

                                         Wang Tsz Fung 2D

Fur factories and hunters kill millions of animals each year using brutal methods and because of this we must not wear fur.

People in the business are eager to earn more profit; in fact, the animals need their fur more than we do. In fact, we can wear fake fur, which is a lot cheaper and it is important to make a statement to the world that we should stop the unnecessary killing of animals.

On humanitarian grounds, the whole process in the making of fur is very cruel. Animals are beaten and skinned alive. When you buy or wear fur, please think about how these animals suffer.

Furthermore, the ecological impact will cause a lot of damages as the food chain will lose its balance. The excessive killing of certain creatures for the production of something we do not indeed need will eventually affect us human beings.

The more people are aware of the cruelty of the fur production methods, the more we should reject the sale of fur. I hope that from today on we should spread this message to people around the world and to our next generation.