Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - An Unforgettable experience
Class: F2C   (2010-2011)
Name: Chong Kit Yi

When I was 11 years old, I had on unforgettable experience because it was the first time that I had prepared dinner for my parents.

I have liked cooking since I was young, but my parents never let me cook because they thought cooking was dangerous. When I was 11 years old, I learnt cooking at school so I know how to cook. Finally my parents let me cook a dish one evening. I as very excited because it was the first time I cooked for my parents.

First, I bought the ingredients in the market. Then I stated cooking. Two hours later, I finished cooking my dish. My parents tried it but it did not seem tasty because I had made a mistake when I cooked. I had added sugar instead of salt, so the taste was strange. Luckily my mother did not blame or scold me. She told me what the problem was and encouraged me to try my best next time.

From this experience, I understand the importance of learning by trial and error. Even thought I did not make a wonderful and delicious dish that time, I was able to learn from my mistake and look forward to improvements in the future. Failure is the mother of success, isn’t it?