Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - If I had 7days left living in the world
Lei Ho Fung Michael 4Ba (28)
Teacher: LYF

       Time for everyone living in the world is limited. Although some live longer, some live shorter, every life will end someday. If I had 7 days left living in the world, I would thank people I know by letters. I would like to know how they think of me, I would also do something I have never done before for my family.

       If I have 7 days left, I would thank my parents, all my friends and teachers. I would write letters to my parents, thanking them for taking care of me for 15 years, giving me a warm family life and forgiving me for every mistake I have made. I would write to my friends, thanking them for having fun with me, listening to and sharing my feelings with me, comforting me when I feel sorrowful and giving me a gregarious life. I would write to my teachers, thanking them for teaching me knowledge, giving me opportunities on different activities to learn, answering my doubts and caring for me. I have never thanked them for the reasons above, for it is hard to say it in Chinese culture; and that is why I have to push myself to do so.
It is also hard to know how others think of me, but I always want to know because I am not actually confident deep down. It seems that I always do things wrong and make others angry. They never tell me but I just feel it and do not know what to do. Are they really angry at me? I am never brave enough to ask, but if I have 7 days left living in the world, I would tell them I do not do this intentionally and ask them for forgiveness. I hope I would be comforted and more confident in these reminding 7 days.

       I always want to do things for my family but have no time. If I have 7 days left, I would cook dinner for my family, talk to them, enjoy our last moments and show my care as well as my love for them.
Finally, if the 7th day came, I would lay myself on the beach, wait for death to come when listening to music and pass away comfortably, without regrets.

       However, this is not what I actually wish for. After thinking of this, after writing this, I realize time for everyone is limited. It may be shorter than what we would imagine. I should value my time in school, time with friends, and of course the time I spend with my family. We keep not only our physical body, but also our hearts close together. We should show our care in these last 7 days living in the world.