Introduction to our assemblies
Our school’s assemblies are conducted in various forms, including workshops, art appreciation sessions, celebrity talks, lectures and special courses. All these aim to stimulate students’ development in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic education and cultivate a positive outlook of life.

The Discipline Team
We are aimed to implement the school-based disciplinary policies in order to ensure a safe and orderly school environment.

The Guidance Team
The Guidance Team works together with all teachers, the School Social Workers, the Educational Psychologist and a Student Counselor to provide counselling to students. Our team aims at creating a caring environment where students’ positive behaviors, values, attitudes and interpersonal relationship can be cultivated.  


  1. To help students understand themselves and develop good mental health.
  2. To help students make choices and adjustments in studies and life.
  3. To promote desirable learning and social behaviours and a sense of responsibility.
  4. To help students develop a better understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and their potential.
  5. To help students build up self-confidence and enhance self esteem.
  6. To help students develop appropriate attitudes towards love, dating and the opposite sex.
  7. To enhance students' ability to handle stress.
  8. To help new students to adapt to school life.

To achieve these objectives, the Guidance Team organizes seminars, workshops, visits, and award schemes to help students develop skills in interpersonal relationship and decision-making.  The Guidance Team members also provide an one-to-one counselling on items of interest to students.

Supervisor of the Guidance Team: Ms Lui Wai King, the Vice Principal
Discipline Master:Mr Hon Kee Ching
Guidance Mistress:Ms Chan Shuk Fan
Form Teachers:


Form Teachers

Discipline Team

Guidance team


Mr. Tang Wai Hung

Ms Hsia Lai Kai/ Ms Wong Ching Man


Ms Li Lai Yin

Ms Tam Wai Kwan/ Mr. CHAN HANG WUN


Mr Ma Wa Yung

Ms Chan Shuk Fan


Mr Lee Shut Keung

Ms Yu Wing Yee


Ms Li Ming Yi

Ms Lui Wai King


Ms Cheung Suet Man

Ms Lo Mei Ching

Moral Education:
Teacher-in-charge:Mr Chan Ka Wai

School Life Guidance:
Teacher-in-charge:Ms Chan Shuk Fan
Members:Ms Chan Shuk Fong, Ms Lau Po Ka

Social Workers:

School Social Worker:

Ms So Ka Yi

Ms Yiu Lau Kam

Service at school:

Monday to Wednesday, Friday

Monday, Wednesday to Friday

Social Workers’ Room:

Room 201

Room 309

Student Counselor: Ms Yeung Sze Lam


1 Form One Day Camp:


2 Form One Day Camp:


3 Form One Orientation:


4 Form Four Day Camp:


5 Pupil Ambassador Scheme:


6 Ambassador Training Programme:


7 Post Exam Activities: