Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Weekend Activities   

Wong Lau Yung (F.1C)

Hong Kong students work very hard so that they can achieve good academic results. Some of them may feel bored and stressed; therefore, it is important for them to have weekend activities for relaxation, entertainment and self-learning.

First of all, students can try sports activities at weekends. If they play team sports such as basketball and football, they can make new friends. Besides that, they can also play individual sports such as swimming and playing golf. This could make them become independent. Any kinds of sports can help improve their health. Besides, it is better for students to arrange some family activities to improve the relationship with their family members. On weekends, both students and their parents are busy because students need to go to school for their studies and their parents must work for money. I think they should have a barbecue or go hiking. Besides outdoor activities, they can do indoor activities, too; for example watching a movie at home. As this can help improve their relationship with others, why don't students take part in some learning activities? They may take some courses for fun, like they may learn a language so that they are able to communicate with foreigners when travelling. Therefore, they can gain new knowledge to improve their studies.

I hope all students will make good use of their weekends and enjoy any kinds of activities that they prefer.