Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Keeping Animals in the Zoo Equals Cruelty  

Chan Sze Tung, Debby (F.2C)

Good morning, Principal, teachers and students.

Today I will talk about keeping animals in an enclosed area such as the zoo or an aquarium. Many people visit the zoo because they think it is fun and they can learn something about the animals. However, they may not have thought about how the animals feel being kept and locked up.

Being kept in enclosures, the animals don't need to worry about food. There are vets that treat them for their sickness. Endangered animals are not killed by hunters. However, animals don't have freedom. They can't go back to nature. Humans neglect these animal’s right and put them in cages forever. If I were them, I would choose to die.

I hope we care more about animal rights and stop going to the zoo to boycott this cruel act to the animals, thank you.