Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Keep Your Dream Alive  

Gao Qian, Cici (F.3C)

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I went to a bookstore that I usually go to. The bookstore was very quiet and many people were reading books. I saw a handsome stranger who was crying, while reading the book that was written by me, two months ago. He looked up, since he felt that someone was watching him. After he noticed me, he seemed excited. He put down the book and came over. He asked, "Are you Jackson?" When he saw that I nodded, he smiled and said, “Do you remember me? I am Roy. You have always encouraged me to write novels. You said my first novel was interesting and you influenced me to put it on the Internet." I thought for a few seconds, then I remembered him.

Roy looked a little sad, so I asked him what happened. He told me the whole thing. Roy has some readers who like him very much and he made a little money because of his first book. His editor wanted him to write some novels that were bestsellers, to earn money and become famous. Roy told him that he just wanted to write books that he liked, and he wanted to create instead of writing popular, but outdated styles. The editor said he would regret it. Roy wanted to refuse but he was too scared to say no. He said he wanted to do what he loves but the words of editor were also right. He couldn't decide.

 “I know you are a famous writer. Could you tell me what I should do?" he asked in a low voice. I knew his worry and smiled at him, then said, “I have always struggled because of the same thing. However, I just stay true to myself and write something I like. Even though I am not very famous, I write happily and satisfyingly." He seemed to have strong feelings but still was uncertain. I continued to say, “I can find many interesting ideas in your novels. You have great creativity. You should believe in yourself and write novels in your own style. Only do what you want to do, so you can be happy. You should not lose yourself in money. Happiness is the most important thing. Keep your dream alive."

"Thank you, Jackson. I understand what you mean. I will stay true to myself." His eyes were full of gratitude. I was glad to see him change because I knew how hard and tangled it is to make a decision. I wanted to help him, just like someone helped me.

Two years later - today, I heard from him. I opened a letter of thanks and his first published book. I know he is successful and feels proud.