Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Camping Trip for Form 1 Students  

Deng Yi Mei (F.1C)

Do you like camping? What benefits will you gain? When you go camping, what difficulty will you face? How can you solve these problems? I would like to give you the answers.

Camping is Form 1 students’ favourite. It can strengthen their social and life skills and they may become more confident. The may make a lot of new friends and learn different cultures. Also, they will improve communication skills and learn to cooperate with others. Besides, they can have some adventures to gain confidence. They might try to enroll in activities such as archery, sailing or pottery classes.

Camping is good for students, but there are some problems they can’t avoid. First, maybe they can’t deal with all the emergencies. If they get hurt in an accident, they don't know how to handle it. It is dangerous because they can't solve problems independently. Second, they may not get along well with other campers. Since some of them don't know how to socialize with others and are always alone. The other members may isolate them. Thus, arguments can't be avoided.

How can students solve these problems? To solve them, they should be united and friendly. They are required to respect everyone and be enthusiastic. It is crucial to communicate with other campers to develop friendship. Finally, they must cooperate with other campers so that their problems will be solved.