Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - A Loving Parent  

Chan Tsz Yi, Mandy (F.3D)

John’s family had financial hardship. When John was young, his dad wanted to buy some fruit for him to stay healthy. However, he could only choose some cheap and rotten fruit because he wanted to save more money in order to bring up John and provide him with daily necessities. Although those fruits were rotten, John’s dad still selected the best parts of them for John and ate the decayed parts himself.

Feeling curious, John once asked his dad why he ate those rotten fruits. His dad replied, ‘I love the special smell and taste of rotten fruits, my boy!’ But the reality was that he tried his best to keep more money to give a better life for John.

Being the breadwinner in the family, John’s dad worked very hard day and night. Day by day, John grew a lot but his dad became weaker. The accumulated fatigue brought him to the hospital at last. John brought his dad’s favourite rotten fruit to visit him. When the doctor saw that, he warned John, ‘This rotten fruit has been one of the causes of your dad’s poor health. If he had not eaten so many rotten fruits, he would have lived a longer life.’ John suddenly understood his dad’s loving intention. Unfortunately, his dad was on the brink of crisis and John could do nothing to save his dad’s life.

In spite of this, John’s dad still comforted him: ‘This is not your fault, my son. Everyone will die one day and I do everything just because I’m your father who has the responsibility to raise you up as well as I can. Therefore, you don’t need to feel a twinge of guilt. Just promise Dad to live a happy and healthy life.’ John’s dad died after saying these words. John felt so hurt but touched. His dad had become a role model for him to express love and care to his next generation.

All parents in the world love their children. They are willing to give the best for their children in return for nothing. They do not mind sacrificing their valuable things, even their own lives. If your parents do something which you don’t like, think again whether they do that just for the sake of you. Moreover, you should treasure your parents because you never know when they will leave you. Cherish every moment you are able to spend with them!