Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Don’t wear fur!                                       

Lam Pui Shuen 2D

Fur is something a lot of ladies like to wear because it can make them feel warm and more beautiful. Also, it makes them look more feminine. However, these fur users don’t know how fur coats are made!

First, the fur causes the animals to die. Fur is animals’ skin. If we need fur, we need to peel off their skin. In the process, they feel huge pain and it is a torture to them.

People use a lot of cruel ways to take the skin of the animals. They are beaten and skinned. Fur is not a product for environment protection and the world is becoming warmer and warmer. The most unthinkable is that we let animals suffer a lot before they die.

We wear fur to feel good but animals need to keep their own fur to stay alive. Animals use their skin to keep their body temperature. If they lose their skin they die but if we lose our fur coat, we do not.

If we do not buy or wear fur, the fur manufacturers will stop producing it and we can save the animals. Also, a lot of animals we use to make fur are endangered animals, so this is an urgent message to send to the world.