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Who is responsible for teaching our next generation table manners?
by Chan Shi Chun (5B)

It is a common phenomenon that people use mobile phone at the dining table.  They are so focused on their phones that they have their meal absent-mindedly.  Their behavior of ignoring others around them leads to disconnection among people eating together. This gives a feeling of disrespect to others.

Another example of Hong Kong people’s poor table manners is that they always finish their meal with great speed. It is definitely an improper habit. In order to savor and appreciate the taste of food, they should enjoy their meal slowly. What is more, people always slurp, making a disgusting noise. It is really impolite as they not only disturb others but also affect the dining atmosphere of eating in a quiet restaurant.  If people can be more alert to their own habits, they may avoid displaying bad manners in any situation at all.

Being in a civilized society, why do we still see people with such poor eating habits around us? Does it mean that we do not have sufficient opportunities to learn them in a proper way? Should we consider making it a compulsory subject in school?  I suppose it should be taught in primary school or be emphasized in home education as I find it important to teach students basic manners at least, such as washing their hands before a meal and sitting properly at the table. As you know, children imitate adults' behaviors, therefore, teachers and parents have a significant responsibility to tell them what manners are and why they are so crucial. Moreover, adults are good role models for children to learn from. If schools can implement teaching good table manners into their education, students can develop more sophisticated habits.  

To reflect that we are civilized people, we should make people feel comfortable while eating with us and I expect that everyone should have good table manners.  Apart from this, I am convinced that appropriate table manners create a favorable impression. Consequently, this is something that must not be ignored.