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Fundraising Event
by Daisy Feng Yongxi (3C)

My class is organising a charity fundraising event in order to help underprivileged children from the countryside, so that they can have a better study environment. We want to raise money to provide more books to read and to supply other materials necessary for study, such as stationery. Although you may think such items are commonplace, the sad reality is that many parents cannot afford these necessities for their children. How can children have a good start in life and learn properly without these basic items? We are happy that our charity fundraising event may help underprivileged children in this small yet meaningful way.

Since we are busy with our school commitments here in Hong Kong, we can’t go to the countryside. Therefore we will give the donations to the Red Cross, which will then pass on our donations. We chose the Red Cross because of its outstanding international reputation. Many people often give donations to this charity because they trust that it will pass on their donations to those in need. We were particularly impressed with this charity’s excellent response after the devastating Sichuan earthquake, so we are confident they are the best charity for this event.

What activities will we be organising? Let me tell you carefully. First, we will hold a small jumble sale in the classroom. Our classmates will provide the items for sale. Another activity we think students will especially enjoy is a fashion parade. Local boutiques will supply the clothing and our students will model them on the runway. All proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the Red Cross.

Finally, everyone from parents, teachers, students to the wider school community is welcome to join the activities at our school, so let’s help poor rural children be able to study!