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How to deal with pressure and difficulties
by Ho Po Yu, Bobo (2D)

Do you have any pressure or have you ever faced any difficulties? I believe everybody has pressure from work, study or even interpersonal relationships. So how can we deal with it?

It is important for students to learn how to deal with pressure. Being occupied by school work and exams can cause pressure to our body and mind, which may affect our performance at school. We should always take a break between study tasks. A 15-minute short break will do. During those 15 minutes, we can take a walk, listen to music or do anything that relaxes our mind. This is especially important for people who work long hours.

Watching some funny videos on the internet is also a good option, as it helps reduce the tension built up during study. We can also chat with friends to stay socialized and connected. These activities allow us to gain energy to continue our study tasks. If we can learn to take breaks occasionally during study, our learning efficiency will be remarkably improved. There are lots of other ways to cope with pressure, but the most important thing is that we should take the initiative to tackle it rather than leaving it unattended.

Apart from pressure, sometimes we may find ourselves stuck in the difficulties of life, which can destroy us. But if we can overcome them, we will grow and become better.

Famous people like Newton, Thomas Edison and Helen Adams Keller all faced difficulties and challenges in their studies or careers. Helen Keller was deaf and blind ever since she was a baby. When she grew older, the hardships of communication made her irritable and suffer from constant negative emotions. However, she realized she could not go on like that for the rest of her life. She first started to learn sign language, then Braille and even speaking. Her interest and ambition in seeking new knowledge got her through all the hard times and challenges. Eventually, she became a successful writer and published a lot of important books.

Pressure and difficulties are everywhere. As long as we know the ways to deal with these challenges, they can be turned into the force that drives us forwards.