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A cruel man with a pitiful dog
by Winston Lam Chak Wing (3C)

The other day, I read about a teenager bragging on social media about being extremely wealthy and well-known. He posted a photo about how he had spun his dog around in the washing machine. The poor dog was helpless and must have been terrified. Now, there are at least 21,000 people who have signed an online petition calling for him to be punished.

I think he is incredibly immature to have done such a ridiculous thing. Animals are equal to humans in that they are also living creatures and their rights need to be protected. Animals have the right to a safe environment, just like humans. How would you react if it had been a baby in that washing machine? An animal is just as vulnerable, so how can he do such a ruthless action? His affluence may make others think he is an upstanding citizen, but he must look after and love his pet like any other pet owners, regardless of his position in society. Despite having more than enough money, he did not demonstrate the ability to show respect or responsibility.

On the other hand, perhaps there are reasons for his behaviour. His parents might have neglected him because they are engaged with work. Perhaps they haven’t educated him on animal rights and how to look after a pet appropriately. If this is the case, perhaps he might change his behaviour and outlook if a role model in his family took the time to patiently teach him about these matters. Therefore, we should give him an opportunity to explain himself in order to show us he can be reformed.