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Dangers of drug abuse
By Wong Ka Yiu (3D)


Some statistics show a steady increase in the number of young drug abusers. It is dangerous to take drugs as it causes some serious consequences. There are some harmful effects of drug abuse. People who take drugs may suffer from a lot of health problems, such as bladder failure, blackouts and loss of memory which may affect their daily life. It is scary that drug abusers’ brain and memory may be badly damaged, as they will find it hard to remember things. As mentioned, people taking drugs may also have severely damaged bladders. They may need to go to the toilet every 15 to 20 minutes. The inconvenience caused is surely beyond our imagination. Drug taking can be fatal too. Many people die because of it or its related diseases.

Drug abuse can be attributed to various reasons which are usually related to emotional problems. A lot of drug abusers take drugs because they have low confidence, a poor self-image or an unhappy family life. They may think that they lack family support from their family and may also face problems like peer pressure and the fear of being isolated. They, therefore, think drugs can help them relax and escape from their problems. Taking drugs seem to be the only way out to them. In fact, what they really need is the support and recognition of others.  Teachers and parents play an important role in preventing students from taking drugs and steering them away from this deadly temptation. Teachers and parents should learn how to recognise signs of drug abuse. It can help them spot the young drug abusers thus helping them deal with their problems accordingly. It is important that adequate support is given to the drug abusers to enable and ensure them to say 'no' to drugs with confidence.