Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - If I had 7days left living in the world
Li Pengkun Andrew  4Ba (31)
Teacher: LYF

       If I had 7 days left living in the world, I would buy a boat to go on adventures in the sea. I would not bring food because I want to fish in the sea. In the 7 days, I would live out in the ocean.

       On the first day, I'd take the boat and follow the wind that took me to any land or any part of the sea. Until midnight, I'd fish to prepare for food. I would eat anything I fished. I think that would be very fresh. Fishing would take a day because I might fish something I could not eat. I think that would be fun to waste a day. At night, I'd lie down on the boat to see the stars in the sky that I never see in the city.

       In the following days, I could see the sunrise. I like the sunrise but I might not see it before the day I die. After that, I would swim and dive in the sea. I could see many different sea animals and sea plants. Maybe I could discover some unknown animals or plants. If I met a shark, I would play with it. It sounds crazy but it's cool. In the sea, I would see some desert islands. I would go to one of them and start my adventure on the island. Maybe I could find treasure but that would be of no use to me. I was not far from dying.

       On the last day, I would stay on the desert island. I would not do anything. I would just lie on the beach waiting for my time to slip away. I would enjoy the beautiful environment although I might be wasting time. I would close my eyes and listen to the birds' chirping, the sound of the wind, the waves and death's calling. I would not know when I would die but I am not afraid.