Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - If I had 7days left living in the world
Li Chui Ling Cherry 4Ba (13)
Teacher: LYF

       I would not cry if I had 7 days living in the world. Everyone will die, it is only ‘when’. 7 days are enough for me to do something I have never done.

       On the first day, I would arrange my funeral. I hope I can die without regrets. I would find a church to hold my funeral. Therefore, I don’t have to worry after I die, and I would be satisfied with my funeral.

       On the second day, I would write to my family and friends. I’d tell them that I am thankful for their care, and all of them don’t have to cry. Death is part of life; no one can change it.

       On the third and fourth days, I would buy a coffin. I want to choose the coffin that I like. Also, maybe I’d try to sleep in the coffin. Is the coffin comfortable? Does it fit me? If it does, I will buy it.

       After arranging my funeral, I would donate all my money to charities. As I can’t use it after death, so I hope I can do something meaningful.

       On the fifth day, I’d reflect on my life. Is my life cheerful and with no regrets? Or is it sad and upsetting? I want to recall all my memories. To recall my memories, I may bring back many pleasant and unhappy moments.

       On the last day, I would be wondering how God planned for my death. An overdose of drug or traffic accident?   After serious thought, I reckon drug poisoning is probably better than a traffic accident. I hope I can die without pain. I guess if this is part of the plan I would have no choice. It would just come natural.