Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - If I had 7days left living in the world
Cheung Pui Sze Natalie  4Ba (3)
Teacher: LYF

       No one knows when they die. It may be tomorrow. It may be half a century later . Everyone has a different interpretation of death .In my opinion, death is a symbol of eternity, a time when we say good-bye to this world forever and to leave our own glory, honor and wealth into the embrace of darkness. People always have many unfulfilled feelings of this world before death. They would put a movie-like memory of their short lives, find what they have not done, things they do not have enough time to do and blame God for not giving them more time.

       If I had 7 days left living in the world, I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry. Others might be crying to tell all who know them, '' I'm going to die.'', but I would not do it. I would not tell anyone, especially my parents. I would live this final week alone. I hope God gives me that week as a holiday, so I would be so involved that I wouldn't have time to say good-bye to the world.

       As in the past, I woke up early, listened to music and went out. I want to go aimlessly, keep walking, and my life would be like water that slips away. But God will be pointing to the clock and said to me, '' Please pay close attention to the time, you only have 7 days.''. Well, I know I have no chance to be unrestrained, but I will not be frustrated because of this.

       I would go to my friends' homes and give them a big hug. I'd talk about the past in my own calm voice, with everyone remembering me with a touch of warmth and let my soul have a break. Leaning on a friend's shoulders, I can stay this way as in a harbor. I would then escape the coldness of death. At night, I'd let my mum cook me delicious dinners, and took the opportunity to give her a sincere kiss. Then I'd go back to my room and look at the starry sky, finally giving myself the chance of a vacation, I'd look up and smile, saying ''Good-bye'' to my friends, my family and myself. I'd use a simple ''Good-bye'' to end my last week.

       I am an ordinary person and so is my death. Nevertheless, I'd have a very full life, because I know I would take the love and care from my family as well as all the joy and sorrow I've had with me.
       So, I am happy!