Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - If I had 7days left living in the world
Chan Ka Yan Kelly  4Aa (1)
Teacher: LYF

       If I had 7 days left living in the world, I would not reconcile and feel unwilling. As there is a long list of things I have not done and I have not realized my dreams. I am just thinking that if I had 7 days left living in the world, I would discover myself wanting to do a lot of things. By then I would have finished this life which is so unfair, so lack of meaning, and for which I always do things unwillingly. However, life and death cannot be changed. A day in my own life equals 24 hours. An hour is equal to 60 minutes and a minute to 60 seconds. So 7 days of my life is just equal to 7 times of 24 hours. It is too short. We do not treasure time usually. We let it go to waste and wait until time is running out. We then live to discover the world’s most precious thing in life is time.

       If I had 7 days left living in the world, I would not waste any minute or any second. I want to hear my own laughter and enjoy the moments of happiness. I also want to remember every face of the people who love me, such as my family and my friends. I would gather my family and my friends to stay around me. I would call up my old friends and thank them for their help in making me who I am. I would call my old class-teachers from primary-school and say ’thank you’ for backing me up through hard times. I would talk to my mum and dad and thank them for being there when I need them. I would call one of my best friend who lives on the other side of the planet, thanking her for always listening to me. Only this way would I have no regrets.

       Finally, if possible, please let me live.