Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - 30th School Anniversary Celebration
6C (Group a) Au Kai Faat
Teacher: LSY

30th School Anniversary Celebration

The 30th anniversary of our school is a special day to celebrate. We definitely need to organize a unique activity and decorate our school gorgeously to boost the grand atmosphere to the highest.

First of all, I would propose organizing a used paper collection competition. In this competition, students of every class should move around the school to find recyclable paper and cardboard boxes. Everyone should return to their own classroom after an hour. Then the helper will measure the weight of the paper collected. The class which can collect the largest amount of used paper will be the winner. This is a meaningful activity as it can build up students’ team spirit because they need to discuss the strategies and cooperate when collecting the paper. Moreover, through this activity, they can experience the scavengers’ life. It is hoped that they will treasure anything they possess after this event.

An activity cannot be organized successfully without active participants. Not only students but I would also suggest that we can invite parents to participate in this activity. There is no doubt that parents will be interested to pay a visit to our school and share the joy on this special day. If parents are invited to take part in this activity, they can further understand their children’s school life beyond the academic aspect and thus it helps improve the relationship between them. Therefore, parents should be invited to join this activity as well.

Apart from preparing for different activities, we need to decorate the school to make it look more attractive on this special occasion. Why don’t we ask each class of students to design a big poster using various used materials such as waste paper and old clothes? Then their poster will be hung on the door of their own classroom. It is a good chance to let visitors know our students’ great artistic talent. Meanwhile, it can promote a school-wide environmentally-friendly atmosphere to all participants.

I believe my suggestions will give students and visitors an unforgettable memory. And I hope the 30th School Anniversary Celebration will be a very successfully one.