Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - An Unforgettable experience
Class: F3E   (2010-2011)
Name: Chan Yu Mei

I have a dream. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I like to help some needy people, children, elderly or the handicapped. I have been a volunteer for close to five years. It helps me build up my confidence and become independent. Also, I can face some more challenges. I had and unforgettable experience when I was thirteen years old.

Last summer holiday, our school held an activity called “Be a little doctor”. When I received this message, I was really excited and thought my dream might come true. Remembering those days, when I was the doctor’s assistant everyday at hospital, I could clearly understand a doctor’s daily job and how to encourage and take care of the patients. Also, I have a precious chance to interview my favourite doctor – Dr. Chan, who is a pretty lady and she taught me a lot of practical medical knowledge. The experience was fun.

In addition the events above were unforgettable to me. I thought I could see the doctor doing an operation. It would really be an unforgettable experience. I could acquaint myself with knowledge of the human body. Some classmates feel bad to look at that, but I think it is normal some should not be afraid but be brave.

Finally, I am glad I could join the events, although the “trip” was difficult I love this kind of tiredness. I hope my future job can be a doctor and I will rescue many animals. Also, I would cherish this unforgettable experience.