Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - An Unforgettable experience
Class: F3E   (2010-2011)
Name: Lau Kam Hung

I have never forgotten this experience because it was very important in my life.

Last year, I went to my hometown. The first day, I felt bored because there was no computer. I decided to take a walk. When I opened the door, I heard barking. The sound was very loud and frightening. I followed the sound and found the dog. When I arrived at the garden, I wanted to run away. “Help” I screamed. I saw the dog approaching me. Then, it licked my legs. This was the first time we met.

We played, ran, walked and laughed together. I was happy everyday because I had it. I hoped to have it as my pet. I stroked its fur and slept with it every night. The dog always wagged its tail and licked my face. I loved the dog very much. I could not live without it.

After seven days, I needed to go back home.  Knowing that I could not take it with me, I felt sad and worried. I did not want to leave as I worried that I would not see it again. I cried loudly and hugged the dog. It was sad too. It did not wag its tail again. Maybe it knew what was happening. This was the last night we slept together.

I miss the dog very much I hope I can see it again and that the dog will still remember who I am!