Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - An Unforgettable experience
Class: F2A   (2010-2011)
Name: Yip Sze Kah

Last summer holiday, I went to visit some old people with my classmates. Visiting old people is a meaningful experience. I still remembered the joy I gained in the event.

When we arrived at the old people’s home, they welcomed us at the entrance happily. First, we helped them clean the windows, make the beds and tidy the room.

At last, we finished all the house work and the old people were grateful to us. They praised us for making their house so clean.  We felt happy as we could help them and we did not feel tired at all. It was a piece of cake to us. Then we cooked lunch to share with them. We had chicken fillet, fried eggs, some vegetables, rice and tomato soup. They ate happily but we were happier than them as we shared their joy. In the afternoon, we chatted with them and we heard them talking about their early lives. It was wonderful to meet them and know about their stories.

It was really an unforgettable experience for me. Ever since that visit, I have kept on helping them whenever I have time.  I am glad that I can help someone in need I hope more people can help the elders who contributed to the community.