Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - An Unforgettable experience
Class: F2C   (2010-2011)
Name: Chung Pui Ka

My unforgettable memory was that I became the first-runner up in the Putonghua Solo Verse Speaking competition at the 62nd Hong Kong School Speech Festival last year. I was nervous and excited since it was the first time I participated in the festival. It took me several months of practice and rehearsal in order to attempt an excellent performance at the speech festival last year. Before the festival, I always tried to relax, so I could achieve the best result.

Before making my speech, I felt a little bit anxious about my performance. When I heard the ringing of a bell from the judge panel, I strived to give my best performance, expressing my passionate feeling to please and reach out to the large audience. After finishing my speech, I hurried back to my seat and waited for the release of the result.

While waiting for the result, I felt very nervous. The exciting moment came -- the final result. To my amazement, I had won the first prize in the festival! I really do believe that all the effort of my teachers and myself finally paid-off. It is true that my hard work would earn me a big award. I think this is the most unforgettable experience in the past twelve years of my life.