Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Think carefully when making your university choices

Class: L6A (2009-2010)
Name: Leung Tsui Yan (13)

The Advanced Level Examination is coming soon. Apart from preparing for the examination, Form 7 students have to put a lot of thought into making their university choices. They have to consider which university and faculty they are going to choose. Many students are in two minds when making their decisions. Actually, there are several important factors they should take into account when choosing universities.

Ability is the factor that should be firstly taken into consideration. Most of the universities consider students’ performance in the Advanced Level Examination and academic results. There are different requirements at different universities and faculties. Only if you satisfy their requirements will you be qualified. Otherwise, you cannot get a place and need to choose another university. For example, in the Faculty of Music, you need to have at least a grade eight examination certificate for the music instrument selected and at least a grade five music theory certificate. These are the minimum requirements of the Faculty of Music. If you cannot meet the requirements, you will be disqualified. Besides, we can take the faculty of Business as another example. The higher the marks you get in those subjects about Business, for instance, Principles of Account and Economics, the higher the possibility you are qualified. As a result, ability is essential when making your university choices.

Students must base their choices on their own interests when choosing universities and faculties. If the subjects in the universities are not interesting, you will not be attracted to them, let alone to study hard. Lacking interest in the subjects and faculties you choose is a big problem because you show indifference or even feel bored with the subject. Despite how hardworking you are, the results will not be satisfactory since you do not put your full effort into it due to your lack of interest. Many students get pressure from their parents. However, parents sometimes don’t understand their children’s interests. They don’t know which university and faculty you want to choose. Therefore, students can explain and talk to their parents to get their support.

It is difficult to get jobs nowadays. Many university graduates are unemployed when they join the labour market. As a result, students should face reality and stop dreaming. They are advised to choose universities and faculties that can help them find jobs easily, based on their own interests. The opportunities of getting jobs are constrained in some professional subjects such as music and art. Students who study these professional subjects usually get unstable and fluctuating income when they are employed. In order to have a stable income and avoid being unemployed, students had better choose faculties and subjects like translation and accountancy. Getting a job is not easy, even though you are a university graduate.

To conclude, Form 7 students should consider carefully their ability, their own interests and job opportunities when making their university choices. It is of tutmost importance to take into account the three factors mentioned above as they affect your decisions. Wish you all a bright future.