Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - A letter to my friend

5A (2009-2010)
Casey Woo (25)

Dear Shing,

How are things going? I want to tell you about how my time at the dentist’s went. As I told you last time, I had never been to one before; so I was a bundle of nerves when Mum took me there last week.

When we arrived, the doctor told me to lie down in the dentist’s chair. Then he gave me a cup of water and asked me to rinse my mouth with it. I laid back in his chair and tried to relax. He said he would give me a lollipop on condition that I stayed still while the treatment was in process. He told me to wear a pair of sunglass. He said they would protect my eyes from the laser rays he would use on my teeth. With me wearing the sunglass, he put a device in my mouth and it flashed. I was confused by what he had just done. My heart was racing. I could smell smoke from my mouth. At that time, my brain was full of question marks. "Did he burn something in my mouth?" I felt anxious so I screamed. Obviously, I frightened the doctor. He asked what happened but I didn't reply. He was holding something silver and drilled my teeth with it. It seemed like there would be big holes on my teeth. At that moment, I was more concerned about my appearance than the pain. I felt sorry for myself because I did not think I should be treated like that. It was such a nightmare. My mum said it is essential to clean my teeth every half a year and I should book my next appointment today, but I was determined to run away as fast as I could.

Finally, the procedure was finished. I told my mum that I swear I don't want to come back again. The dentist came towards me and said, "You’ve been such a good girl. You did great. I promised that I would give you a lollipop, so here you are." My fear went away at last. I had a big smile on my face. It was not as bad as I thought after all.

So much for the horror I went through. If I have scared you in any way, just remember, “That’s what friends are for!” Take care and write back.

With regards,