Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - My Beloved School

Class: 5A (2009-2010)
Name: Lam Mei Fa (42)

A students’ life is in preparation for the real battle of life. It is also full of inspiration and insights.

When I was in F.1, my typical school day started with dragging out from bed in the morning and going to school with my sister. At that time, I was a shy girl who lacked courage to express my feelings. However, after staying in KCCKC for a period of time, I have changed a lot by my friends and teachers.

I grow with my inspiring friends. We have different personalities so we have learnt how to deal with one another and surmount all the adversities around us. With their help, I have become a more energetic, courageous and independent girl. I have known myself in a better way through collaboration and interaction.

We experienced numerous precious memories at school. One of the most unforgettable moments was producing a music drama in Form 1. I remember we made a lot of efforts and spent a lot of time for the preparation. Looking back, we still all think it was a wonderful performance. Another one was in Form 3, in which we helped Miss Law to cook a dessert for the Speech Day. It was amazing that we could successfully contribute our part that helped prepare the delicious cake for the guests and teachers. Words could not describe the joy we had when everyone was enjoying it.

What’s more, I owe my maturity to all the caring teachers in KCCKC. They are not only the facilitators for knowledge but also mentors who continuously guide us to overcome our life hurdles. They nurture us not merely as students but like their own children.

With the approach of HKCEE, I strive hard to be successful so that I can stay in KCCKC for my sixth form education. Let’s do our best towards the goal we have set!