Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - My Lazy Man Song

Class: 4E (2009-2010)
Name: Li Yim Ting

My hair is as messy as a bird’s nest,
but I am too lazy to comb it.
Today is chilly,
but I am too lazy to put on my clothes.
My home is on fire,
but I am too lazy to escape.
I am a potato sitting on the sofa.

My lazy cat is another potato lying flat on the floor.
He is as fat as a pig walking just faster than a snail.
He wants to play a ball,
but he is too lazy to move.
He hates rats,
but he doesn’t catch them.
My mom steps on his tail accidentally,
but he doesn’t bother.

My mom is so furious that she wants to bake these two potatoes!