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All About Myself


Class: 1E

Name: Au Choi Yi (Vanessa) (1)


My name is Au Choi Yi and my Christian name is Vanessa. I am a twelve-year-old girl. I study in Class 1E. I am slim and quite short. I have medium-length hair and I tie it in a ponytail. Well, my friends say I am quite cool, but I don’t think so.


My hobbies are dancing and singing. I started to dance when I was young. I like singing my favourite songs. My favourite singer is Vanessa Hudgens who is famous in America. I know her from a film called “High School Musical”. About my favorite food, I have a sweet tooth and my favourite food is sweets.


In my family, there are five family members. They are my dad, mum, sister, brother, and me. I like making jokes with them and I also like playing games with my sister.