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All About Myself

Class: 1E

Name: Ip Tsz Fei (Phoenix) (9)


I am Ip Tsz Fei, Phoneix, twelve years old. I am fat. I have short and black hair. I am studying in Class 1E. I am an active girl and I like meeting friends very much.


I have a family of 4 members: my mum, dad, sister and I. We love each other but sometimes we get angry with each other too. My mum is the person I love most. She always takes good care of me. She also worries about me. My sister and I do not talk much as she is in Japan now. I miss her very much.


My favorite hobby is playing table tennis. I always play with Mum at weekends. For food, I like eating ice-cream, fruit, chips and candies. I am crazy for sweet food!