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An online diary about my last holiday



Class: 2E  

Name: Mohammad Shehzaad (36)



A Wonderful Trip - Thailand                Tuesday, 30th September, 08


I went to Thailand last year with my family for two weeks. We all had a good time there.


On the first day we went to see a famous landmark --- the Grand Palace. We waited for half an hour to get our entry tickets for entrance. We finally got in. There were many temples and old buildings. While we were there, we saw the King of Thailand. We wanted to take a photo with him but he was busy. At last we bought a lot of souvenirs.


The next day we went to the Chiang Mai elephant camp, Thailand’s second biggest elephant camp. We took a taxi to get there from our hotel. My mom and dad rode on an elephant but I was scared so I didn’t join them. I just fed the small elephants and, at the end, we saw an elephant show. The elephants were fun. Lastly we bought a T-shirt and a cup with some small elephants on it. This trip to Thailand was exciting and fun for all of us.