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An online diary about my last holiday            



Name: Tam Po Yi  (19)



A wonderful trip in Thailand                   30th September, 08


On my last holiday, I went to Thailand with my friends. We spent five days there. I had a wonderful time in such a beautiful country. The people there were very helpful and friendly and we did many exciting activities.


We visited many places there and the first one is Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. We went shopping at the local markets. We bought many clothes and souvenirs for our parents. While we were shopping, we saw a magic show. How interesting and funny!


Then we went to the elephant camps in Chiang Mai. We went elephant riding. The elephants were very big and strong but they were friendly and harmless. While we were riding on their backs, they were waving their long trunks. This meant they were very happy. The baby elephants were very cute and we all liked playing with them. I was excited at the elephant camps. I really enjoyed it.


The last place of our visit was Diamond Beach in Koh Somet. We went sunbathing and swimming and we all enjoyed the sea view. We also ate some local food there. We had chicken, fish and so on. It tasted really good. The trip to Thailand was just so much fun!


My favorite part of the trip was our visit to the elephant camps. We all loved the elephants and we hope we could play with them again. It was the best holiday of my life. I will remember this trip and keep it in my heart forever!