Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays -Why do people enjoy making friends online?

Why do people enjoy making friends online?


Class: 4D  

Name: Leung Chui Shan (12)



Nowadays many people enjoy making friends online. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.


The first reason is the change of lifestyle. Many people spend a lot of time surfing the Internet. They surf different websites for up-to-date information and chat with their friends through various internet services such as MSN. Some introverted people are too shy to make friends in real life. They prefer doing this online since they do not need to disclose their real identity. On the Internet, they can say whatever they like.


The second reason is that people can meet someone of different cultures and backgrounds. Through the Internet, people can be connected to the other parts of the world easily. It is also easy for them to meet people of similar interests.