Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays -Family

Think Great Snapshot Competition 2009

Award:  Merit Award


Class: 4B

Name: Chan Lin Yu ( 2 ), Tam Sze Ki ( 19 ) , Yu Shui Luen ( 28 ) and Wong Shuk Ying( 25 )













A smiling couple was taking care of their baby girl on the slide.  Dad let her hold his finger while Mum sat at the end of the slide.







What is LOVE?

L is loyal.

O is observant.

V is valiant.

E is ever-lasting.

Where can we find LOVE?

We can find love in lovers.  Love is blind among many lovers who always say they love each other, but they might still break up finally.  We can find love amid friends, but when something happens, even the best friends might relentlessly say “good bye ” to us.  We can find love in our family.  This kind of love is loyal, observant, valiant and most importantly it is ever-lasting.  It is blissful, unselfish as it never vanishes.

Who let you feel LOVE?

To most of us, we find our parents nagging us on this and that.  We feel annoyed when they require us to do things properly.  We are irritated when they blame us for our wrong deeds.  Yet, we all know and understand that they did all theses because of their love to us.  Through their love, we learn, progress, grow, improve, become skilful in communication and enrich ourselves with knowledge and wisdom. 

How to love?

Just say it!  While there are many different ways to express love and there are many varied means to love someone, remember to spare a few seconds to say “I love you” to your mum and dad and thank them for their unconditional love to transform you from naive kids to mature and intelligent adults.  Show your love to inspire your children when you are their parents.