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Write a letter to the Editor of the Young Post explaining why so many people prefer having meals in fast food restaurants, discussing the disadvantages of having meals in these restaurants and making suggestions for those who eat fast food very often.



Class: U6S


Name: Leung Yiu Chung




Dear Sir,


Nowadays, more and more people prefer having meals in fast food restaurants, the following paragraphs will explain such trend, discussing the disadvantages of it and finally making suggestions for those who consume a lot of fast food.


Hong Kong being one of the busiest cities in the world, people here are making profits every second; so time is becoming more valuable. If they have time they would prefer spending it on profit making. Fast food is popular for Hong Kong people because they can buy fast food very quickly. They have little time spent on eating. They can order take-away and do not have to wait for seats in the restaurants. In other words, Hong Kong people squeeze as much time as possible to make more profits and eating properly takes too much time.


Hong Kong people make good money from the business sector especially from property and stock markets.  Many of them would not miss any chances of making money. In order to save money for their investments, they may choose to spend the least money on their daily necessities such as food, clothing and travelling. Fast food restaurants provide relatively cheaper food than other restaurants, so they soon became Hong Kong people’s favorite.


As mentioned above, Hong Kong is a busy city so people prefer to eat near their work place. Fast food restaurants are found all over Hong Kong. People easily find fast food restaurants near their office. Fast food shops provide convenience. Some even offer delivery service. You can just sit in your office, pick up a phone, and a fast food meal is right at your door.


Hong Kong is also an international financial city, people here may need to work around the clock. They may feel hungry when they are working at 3:00 o’clock in the morning. Ordinary shops would have been closed. Some fast food shops open 24 hours, which enables people who work overtime or night shifts to enjoy food whenever they like.


Some people go for the taste. Fast food menu provides mostly fried food and soft drinks. They are  attractive to both children and adults. Food in fast food shops is tasty to most Hong Kong people. That is why many people prefer having meals in fast food restaurants.


The only one problem from fast food is health problem. Since the food there is all deep fried, it contains a lot of saturated fats which could block our blood vessel and eventually leads to heart attack. The food served there is usually high in salt. If excess salt is consumed it will increase the kidney’s work load. A more serious result will be the damage done to the capillaries of our body and cause high blood pressure. Patients suffering from high blood pressure will have a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease, which also increases the risk of heart attacks.


The food served at fast food places is low in nutrients and high in energy values. It gives rise to many visible problems other than heart disease. The most obvious is a decrease in immunity. As our body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy, eating food which contains fewer nutrients will significantly weaken our immune system. Due to the high energy intake, the excess energy will be stored as fat in our body. You will gain weight significantly if you eat too much fast food. Eventually you may become obese.


If you have already eaten too much fast food, it is time you stopped such an unhealthy habit. If eating fast food is inevitable, consume as little as possible. Allow no further harm to your body and try to have a balanced diet. The principle of a balanced diet is illustrated by a food pyramid. Simply follow the guidelines given and stick to them; or, if you like, consult a dietician. Next you could exercise regularly as exercise helps you consume fat in your body and could reduce the risk of heart attacks. If you follow these suggestions strictly, I can ensure that you will regain good health very soon.


Yours truly

Chris Wong