Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Being Good Will Be Paid off One Day  

Suen Ka Wing, Karen (F.2C)

A long time ago, Hong Kong people were helpful and a lot of people helped each other around them. One day, the government sent a person to test whether the citizens were still helpful or not.

The next morning, that man was dressed like the poor. He told a girl that he needed some money to buy bread because he was so hungry. Then, the girl was very eager to help him and the man appreciated her good personality. It was rare to see a person who was so enthusiastic to help the others.

At night, he met a hotel owner and told him that he was worried about which place to take rest because he had no money on him. The hotel owner was so kind that he let him stay a night for free.

The next day, after saying goodbye, he went back home. On his way home, he saw a kid helping an elderly person to cross the road. This action showed the love between the kid and the elderly person. So he went to the girl and asked her why she helped the elderly person. She said that was her pleasure to do so. He appreciated her very much.

He reported those incidents to the government. He praised the girl, the hotel owner and the kid. At last, the girl, the hotel owner and the kid received an award for good people and for being helpful.