Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - Protect the Animals                                              

Tiffany Liu 2D

Nowadays, there are still people wearing big coats made from fur. Have these people ever thought about where the fur comes from?

Actually, the fur comes from a dead animal’s body. The fur industry wants to earn money so that they kill the animals and get the fur from their body to make a coat, hat, or boots. I think it is so unfortunate and cruel for them. They can have a happy life but people are selfish. They just think about themselves. Even though fur can make us very warm in winter, many animals die because of this.

Therefore, if you want to protect them, you should stop buying something that is made from fur first. Then, you should stop killing the animals and tell anybody to stop using anything which is made from fur.

Finally, animals are just like humans. They may die, they may be hurt. They have feelings too. We shouldn’t just think about ourselves. We should think more about the animals and the world which we both live in.