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A Trip to New Zealand
by Hung Wing Yu (4B)

Have you ever thought that you can go to a wonderland, a place which is totally different from Hong Kong and even better than our city?  Last summer holidays, my friend, Olivia, and I joined a study tour and went to a wonderland: Auckland in New Zealand.

Auckland is the most populous city in New Zealand and it is home to many people of different nationalities, such as Europeans, British and Irish. The locals are extremely polite and thoughtful.  When getting off the bus, passengers always say "thank you" to the bus driver.  No matter who you are, people greet you in a friendly manner in the street.  They are pleasant to visitors, too. Once, when one of our roommates, Claudia, was going to get off the bus, she forgot where she put her bus card. It took a long time for her to find it. Fortunately, the other passengers didn't get mad at her, and one of them even comforted her and calmed her down. If this had happened in Hong Kong, people might keep complaining and even shout at her.

Furthermore, the lifestyle there is relaxing. Locals would never be as hurried as Hong Kong people. Walking slowly, most of the locals enjoy the views they pass.  After work, instead of hurrying back home, they usually go to a nearby coffee shop and chat with each other.  After staying in Auckland for a few weeks, my friend and I got used to the peaceful lifestyle and we really appreciated their attitude towards life.  It is one of the most yearning and unforgettable memories for me.

It is really a good experience for Hong Kong teenagers to take part in this programme, since you can make a lot of new friends from different countries, like New Zealand, Taiwan and Mainland China.  Just like me, I still keep in touch with most of the friends I met there.  Also, apart from visiting some scenic spots, all the participants need to attend some classes there. In my opinion, the way of teaching is definitely different from that of Hong Kong, as it is much more vivid and interactive.  I guarantee you will become more confident in speaking English after joining this tour.  As you will have a lot of opportunities to practise English, such as ordering food and talking to your host family. This will help you improve your English within a short period of time.  Since you will live without your family for quite a long time in a foreign country, you need to make many decisions and deal with problems all on your own.  You will become more independent when you return to Hong Kong.