Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays - If I had 7days left living in the world
Leung Bo Wan BoBo  4Da (6)
Teacher: LYF

       If I had 7 days left living in the world, I absolutely can't let my life be meaningless, so I think I would be doing something that people can remember me.

       Maybe I would go to the Clock Tower to dance Gangnam style. It must be interesting to many people.

       I always think I must do Bungee Jumping before I die, so I would go to New Zealand, climb a high mountain and jump without thinking. It must be exciting.

       I think I will be reluctant to give up my family, my mother and father and two brothers. I would like to travel with them once. I would choose to go to Jerusalem. It's my dream place. I want to try to lift the cross and walk a few roads. I want to feel how God put it on His shoulder.

      I used to think that if I had a few days left living in the world, I might commit some miner crimes, such as painting on walls. I think it would be fun .I would not do anything to hurt others. I'd definitely not kill someone because I think life is vvaluable.

Actually, the most important thing I want to do is evangelization and talk to anyone who does not believe in or not know about God. Although I had 7 days left living in the world, it does not make me feel scared. Because I'm a Christian and I believe I will go to heaven when I die. I do not feel frightened. I want everyone to trust God. I would have peace because my death would be meaningful.