Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays -Mother's hands

Think Great Snapshot Competition 2009

Award:  Best Caption Award – 4th Runner-up


Class: 4D     Name:  Au Wai Yin (Maggie) (1)

Class: 4C     Name:  Suen Siu Lai (15)


Title: Mother’s hands



Caption: A smooth, soft and warm hand holding a baby’s hand - and you had been this baby!



About the picture:

Do you often hold hands with somebody? Who do you hold hands with? Perhaps you may think of your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s hand.


Do you remember there is another person you held hands with very often, and probably you may not still do the same now? You must be able to tell who she is – that’s your mum!


When you were still a little child, your mother always held your hand as she wanted to protect her beloved child, you, every single moment. Your mother always kept an eye on you because there was too much for her to worry. When you were learning to walk, she feared you could not stand steadily and would fall on the ground. When you were a bit older, she was afraid you might run too fast and cross the road carelessly and get hurt. In those days, your mum’s hands were as smooth as glass, as soft as feather pillows, and as warm as the sun. Those were also the days that you often said ‘Mama, I love you!’ in an innocent way.


As time goes by, you get older, and so as your mother. Your mother still wants to hold your hands now. Of course she still wants to protect you even you are more mature. But the more important reason is that you grow up too fast and you walk too fast now. You have a lot to explore in this great world. Your mum, who has also grown older and weaker, can no longer follow your footsteps. Her hands which are now rough, dry and full of wrinkles can never hold you beside her. She has to let you, her beloved little child, go to do what you like.


When will the grown-up you and the independent you hold your mum’s hand again? Maybe that’s when your mum gets really old and needs someone to look after? Or when she walks too slowly and her eye-sight gets weak and you need to hold her hand to cross the road? Certainly, by that time, you should hold your mother’s hand like how she held your hand when you were small. But why don’t you do it more often now, when your mum is still energetic and can go wherever with you freely? Don’t miss the chance! Go to hold your mum’s hand and say ‘Mama, I love you!’ as if you were still her little child. Hold hands before it’s too late.