Student’s Good Work> Anthology of English essays -THE LOSING LOVE



Class: 4A

Name: Cheng Yuk Yu ( 29 ), Lee Chun Yan ( 34)










We can see the two monkeys that love and care about each other; but sadly, now in our community, many of us don’t show love.  Why couldn’t we love others?



What is love?  Isn’t it the unselfish care for others, the respect for life and yawning for concern? 

Love exists among animals that are supposed to be inferior to human beings.  They cling to one another and cherish the love among them though they have to survive in an ever-lasting competing cruel world of reality.  However, superior and intelligent as human beings are claimed, we do not show our love to the people around us.  We are indifferent to the poverty of others.  We seldom contribute to the well being of the community we are living in.  Sadly, we all say we are too busy since we have our own problems and anxiety.  Actually, we think of ourselves more than we others.

We strive to live a better life only to get as much money as we could.  We sell fake goods, provide poor service, manufacture food with toxic chemicals or even feed the innocent babies with tainted milk powder.  These are shameful instances in which we do not really know what love is.  Don’t we realize that we have to pause, stop and reflect on what we did and what we are doing?  May we all get back love and start loving our family, other people and our world as much as the animals would?