Junior curriculum
The junior curriculum is designed in a way to gradually prepare students for the senior forms as well as exposing them to numerous English activities. One activity that students actively take part in is reading, students seem to be addicted to reading books. (This is a good thing) One part of our curriculum is students need to give book reports about their books. The junior curriculum evolves over time to involve more activities that challenge students but at the same time keeps a comfortable pace.

Senior Curriculum
In senior forms, two classes are split in to three groups according to students’ ability.  The smaller ratio of teacher to student can allow better guidance for each individual student.  We have fused an academic education with a more practical approach so students can put into practice what they learn. Another main factor for our curriculum is to get the students thinking outside of the box. They learn how to put their vocabulary/ sentence structures into practice. This is important for the students as it pushes shy students to come out of their shell and express themselves in English.

The curriculum offers three kinds of electives: Social Issues, Popular Culture and Learning English through Debating.  Debate takes three periods of class.  The first period is used for preparation with the teacher providing necessary information for students to use.  The second class is when the inter-group debate happens.  Inter-group debate motivates students to work harder so that they can demonstrate their best work in front of their peers. The last lesson is reserved for feedbacks.  After observations and thorough guidance from the teacher, the third lesson is when the teacher gives feedbacks and any sorts of recommendations.

Our Teachers

  • Miss W.P. Lam (Panel Chair)
  • Miss M.C. Ng (Vice Panel Chair)
  • Miss S.W. Lam
  • Miss L.W. Yeung
  • Miss S.Y. Lee
  • Miss Y.F. Lo
  • Mr. W.H. Leung
  • Miss H.S. Chung (Local NET)
  • Miss K.A. Hill (NET)
  • Miss M. Lo (NET)
  • Miss T.T. Cheng
  • Miss M.T. Law
  • Miss Y.K. Chung